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Be Anywhere. Be Nomad

8 popular blends built from the soil up!

Fred-Rewey-Nomad-Cigars-494x1024Just four years ago, at the urging of people in the cigar industry, I boarded a plane and headed to Dominican Republic and the small town of Tamboril.

Mostly a fact-finding trip that later led me to the tobacco fields of Nicaragua.

I admit it. I am not your typical cigar maker.

I am not a 40th generation Cuban.

I did not work side-by-side with my father in the tobacco fields starting at the age of four.

I do not have countless family members all raised in the art of growing, blending, and rolling cigars.

Nope, I was never that lucky. But I did have a very important game plan.

Check the ego at the border.

Every time I cross the border to Dominican Republic or Nicaragua I check the ego at the door.

The people living there have tobacco in their DNA. I can spend the rest of my life there (and I seem to be trying) and not know 1/10th of what they know.

Nomad’s success is due to nothing more than learning all I can and not cutting corners

  • Work with great tobacco.
  • Blend to showcase the tobaccos greatest attributes
  • Quality construction

My blending skills are simply the result of time spent in the thick of it, playing with as much tobacco as I can get my hands on.

I spend approximately three months a year abroad. And that time could be the most enjoyable part of the process. Sure, I love the events and meeting people…but that almost seems like the celebration party after a cigar is ready.

It is no secret that I modeled the business side of Nomad after some of the world’s best – but with my own twist, passion, and influence.

I truly hope you enjoy Nomad cigars, tell friends, and join me on this incredible journey.

Fred “GodFadr” Rewey

Founder, Nomad Cigar Company, Inc

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